Who We Are

Shanti’s Kitchen is the brainchild of Mrs Shanti Kishore, a mother, grandmother, wife, a fabulous cook and at age 67, an entrepreneur.

The word “HOMEMADE” is evocative of food cooked in one’s own kitchen by a loved one. There's nothing quite like the joy of munching on crispy, spicy, and flavourful treats that are Homemade. Our products are made from recipes passed on for generations, enhanced to fit modern dietary requirements and palates. We bring you authentic, flavourful Indian savoury snacks, powders and chutneys.

What started off in early 2020 as a passion project to bring Homemade Snacks to friends and acquaintances has, by word of mouth and popular demand, grown to become a rising Brand Name with great reviews.

We are happy to share our creations with you and look forward to delighting you always.